Jon Morrow is a musician/artist who mostly plays the 8 string guitar.  As a student of music and guitar at a young age, Jon was playing gigs in high school bands, recorded a full length studio album, and attended Berklee College of Music all before he graduated high school.  The next chapter in Jon’s life was getting a music degree from Brevard College in North Carolina.  Studying Jazz, classical guitar, and percussion in college still left Jon feeling musically “lost”, and it was his mentor/teacher Jeff Sipe that finally gave Jon the courage to pursue playing bass and guitar at the same time with the NOVAX 8 string guitar.


After graduating college, Jon stayed around the Asheville area and toured/recorded with the “Galen Kipar Project” for 4 years, and also spent time on his solo project called the “Odd Meters”.   Since 2011, Jon has recorded 4 albums with the JOE MOORHEAD BAND and toured most of the country.  He continues to tour in support of JMB’s most recent release “Head in the Clouds”, and hopes to pursue his solo project when time is available.